Haast Pass

The Haast region is a lost world that is so spectacular and remote UNESCO awarded it the status of being a “World Heritage” area. From Haast to Jackson Bay there are spectacular beaches, dunes, lakes and wetlands, all with the soaring backdrop of the Southern Alps making it an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. There are many good short and longer walks and activities include unique Jet Boat tours and helicopter flights. There is an abundance of wildlife including native birds, fur seals, Hectors Dolphins and Fiordland Crested Penguins.

Haast Pass – Haast Pass is 563m above sea-level and is the lowest crossing point over the Southern Alps. It follows an ancient trail used by Maori travelling to the West Coast in search of pounamu or greenstone as it winds past bluffs and river flats. The many waterfalls really put on a show if it is raining. It is worth doing the very short walk to the Thunder Creek Falls near Pleasant Flat – a 28m high waterfall adjacent to the Haast Highway.  Another must do photo stop is the Gates of Haast.